ZimArt’s 2018 Public Exhibition
and Sale Schedule

The Rice Lake Gallery is open daily, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., from June 1 – Thanksgiving. Appointments can be made at any other time. Please call 705.939.6144.

ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery hosts an annual outdoor exhibition each year. The gallery's 19th exhibition, Rice Lake 19, runs from August 4th to September 2rd, 2018. Over 300 original hand-carved stone sculptures from Zimbabwe will be on display in a two-acre gallery in nature. For more information click here.

Other exhibitions and special events are currently being finalized.

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Video from last year's Rice Lake exhibition




Rice Lake Guest Quote

“No encounter has ever been more serendipitous, more unlikely, more surprising and more exciting than the beautiful September afternoon last year when I found myself in a farmer’s field near Bailieboro, Ont., looking at some 30 pieces of Shona stone sculpture from southern Africa.”

David Macfarlane writing about Rice Lake I, in The Globe and Mail